23 Times Malia And Sasha Obama Ran The Fashion Game

Michelle Obama is a fashion superstar ― and her husband is no slouch either. It only makes sense that their daughters would be two of the most stylish sisters to ever grace planet Earth. Malia and Sasha Obama have become American royalty, representing us with grace and aplomb. And by golly, they look good doing it.

Join us as we take a look back at 23 of Malia and Sasha’s epic fashion moments.

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    Alex Wong via Getty Images

    While our style stars may have had humble beginnings…

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    Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

    They quickly rose through the ranks to become veritable teen fashionistas.

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    Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

    Sasha Obama is basically the coolest girl alive. Those shades? Come on, now.

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    Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

    And Malia Obama has somehow nailed concertgoer chic, while also incorporating an important health message.

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    Karwai Tang via Getty Images

    One might think that Sasha Obama is an impossible act to follow…

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    Karwai Tang via Getty Images


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    Alex Wong via Getty Images

    Let’s rewind back to 2009. Whatever Sasha is pouting about at her father’s inauguration, it certainly can’t be her picture perfect pink coat and orange accessories.

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    Win McNamee via Getty Images

    Here they are arriving at the 2013 presidential inauguration, looking positively royal in purple.

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    Spencer Platt via Getty Images

    Here they are coordinating jewel-toned skirts, because they are the crown jewels of this administration.

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    Pool via Getty Images

    Remember how every time you tried to tie-dye your camp t-shirts, they turned brown? Malia Obama has never had that problem.

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    Theo Wargo via Getty Images

    Malia and Sasha look the way you always wanted to look at the holidays, except you’ve got a gravy stain on your sweater.

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    Jacopo Raule via Getty Images

    Brb, currently Googling where to get Sasha’s seersucker number.

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    Awakening via Getty Images

    Sasha now owns the color white. The rest of us are no longer allowed to wear it.

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    SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

    They may be teens, but they have the business casual look down pat.

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    Mark Wilson via Getty Images

    Those hats. We actually cannot go on.

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    Handout via Getty Images

    But alas, we must, for now we mere mortals must gaze upon the family portrait of the gods.

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    Pool via Getty Images

    Malia Obama is lovely in Naeem Khan at her first state dinner.

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    Pool via Getty Images

    Sasha gives us all a lesson in geometric fashion.

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    Pool via Getty Images

    When Malia Obama wore a flawless statement coat, and its statement was, “Bow down, b*tches.”

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    Pool via Getty Images

    If you must witness your parents’ PDA, you may as well look super stylish doing it.

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    Mark Wilson via Getty Images

    When Malia’s rose-colored coat, jeans and kicks were the epitome of cool.

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    Europa Press via Getty Images

    When Malia and Sasha treated the tarmac like a dang runway.

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    Pool via Getty Images

    Let’s give it up for these two young queens of the fashion game. Long may they reign.